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I love photography. It has always been a passion of mine. It let's you see the world in a whole new perspective.
I think my interest started when my brother started taking photos. The photos that he took always look so amazing to me. Whenever I tried, my photographs would look so bland and boring. Then, during my junior year in high school [March 2002], I bought a Canon S30 hoping that being able to shoot digital will give me more freedom. Man, what a great purchase. And that was the start of my photographic life.

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Me is a photoblog run by a guy named Benny. I'm Benny. I like taking photographs. I live in the great city of New York. I am currently a college student in my sophomore year.

The photoblog is a place to share my photographs with the world [using the...umm internetS?]. I try to take photos everyday and post them on here. Hopefully, the more I shoot, the better I get. Comments are great too. =)

Also, this site is very very much under construction. The design as well as some of the links need to be added so bear with me.

The Hardware

A quick rundown of my itinerary:

     ¤ Canon S30 - my first camera, which I am still using to this day. Still a great camera =)
     ¤ Nikon D70 - this camera is the one I currently use as my primary camera along w/ a Sigma 28-70mm. Many of the shots were also taken with my friends D70 before I bought mine.
     ¤ Canon Digital Rebel - courtesy of the Columbia Spectator. Sometimes I borrow this camera whenever I take assignments for the school newspaper.

A full list and descriptions of my equipment is located on the: EQUIPMENT PAGE

The Inner-Workings
This site is being hosted by 1and1. They're great. The actually photoblog is being run by a slightly modified version of Donald Tetto's folderblog. folderblog is also great.
The site design is a major rip off of chromasia and dailysnap.

If you have any questions about prints, using a photo, or just want to say hi, feel free to send me an email or use the form on the contact page!

All photos are copyright under the Creative Commons license.

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