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In 2004, I got a new Nikon D70 and was pretty much terrible at photography. I thought I'd start a photoblog to force myself into taking photos and becoming a better photographer.

It's arguable if that worked, but I definitely had a lot of fun and met a lot of awesome people through it. I was recently looking through my files the other day and found the whole archive and thought it'd fun to throw it back up.

The archive is largely the same, minus some spam comments that I took out. I also changed the template to show the comments on the page instead of a popup which used to be the case.

After a very fulfilling and fun year, I shut the blog down. I had lost the inspiration that had kept me going all year long. I felt like my work started to suffer because of this and started to be unsatisfied.

Below is the message on my website after I had shut it down.


Hello everyone. I'm sad to say that is now officially on hiatus until further notice.

If you've been keeping up with the site, you've probably noticed that the photos have been coming further and fewer between (and unfortunately of lower quality as well). Recently, my photography has been slowing down and I just cannot find the motivation and the inspiration that kept me going before. I wish I could say that school has been keeping me too busy, but it's nothing more than the spark being temporarily lost.

So yeah, thanks to everyone who has visited, commented, and made my experience with this photoblog so wonderful. At this point, I don't really know if I will revive this photoblog, but hopefully somewhere down the line I will have the time and passion to start posting again.

Thanks again,

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